A Resplendent Oasis

Relaxing amenities are no longer reserved for spa days and vacations. The bathroom is the place where you start your day and wind down for the evening, so it’s only natural that spa-inspired qualities be integrated into this space.

  • Custom Vanities

  • Large Showers and Soaker Tubs

  • Statement Countertops

  • Maximized Storage

Turn this everyday space into a versatile sanctuary with high-end fixtures. What was once a utilitarian room is now a retreat where you can relax and refresh. Real relaxation goes beyond looks to encompass enhanced functionality. Together we can achieve a spa-like space that melts away the stress of everyday life and keeps your daily essentials well-organized.

Owning a Muellner Custom Home puts you in the company of some of the most sought-after residences in the Chicago Western Suburbs.